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In the 1960s there was a fusion between the African rhythms and the music of the North American and Caribbean blacks in Jamaica. This is how reggae appeared. A whole musical revolution that was born from the fusion of ska and steady rock. Reggae is part of a cultural and musical tradition that has its roots in Africa and has traveled all over the world with the diaspora of African slaves in America. In Jamaica it found the ideal fusion with the Caribbean rhythms but, above all, promoting an idiosyncrasy that makes it different from other musical trends.The philosophy of good vibrations, of positive energy, of sharing, of changing people and our way of relating, in order to change the world. Reggae is a living and constantly evolving musical expression, which has resulted in multiple styles and proposals. From the most chilled reggae roots to the most explosive dancehall.

We have the sound system of Jamaica that takes the party to the streets and also derivations of last generation, like the afro beat of Nigeria that fuses the African rhythms, like the yoruba music, with the funk and the jazz. Evolution, mixing and mergers lead us to experiment with the latest electronic versions of reggae, such as dub, which is all the rage among young people. The African Reggae Fest (FAR) of Barcelona wants to bear witness to this enormous diversity of tendencies and wealth of identities and styles.

Festival Africa Reggae

13 JULY 2019 × Poble Espanyol